Master Key – Week 16 – Loving My Compass

I had the wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the fruit of my compass this past Tuesday. Just when I was beginning to question the merit of my DMP statement, back in the beginning of November, someone reached out to me on Facebook offering a friendship. I looked to see on her page who I may know in common. She was a friend of a college art instructor of mine. Perfect! I returned the request for friendship and began to look at her page.

There I found a link to her artist website. On her website I saw an image that simply drew me in, I was smitten. There was an events tab that indicated that she taught classes! I could learn the technique, encaustic painting and perhaps my Dharma would get a jolt! There was a phone number, it was still early enough to call, and I was getting excited!

The phone rang at the gallery where I called, a woman answered, “Yes may help you?” I told her that I was inquiring about the class later in December. She said, “Class? Did you check the date?” I was online checking as we spoke on the phone. How could it be, in my haste I didn’t check the year! “I’m sorry the class was last December.” I laughed and told her that I was so excited that I had not even considered verifying the year.

And then it happened, the light that filled the room that let me know that the path was being cleared toward my purpose. She said to me, “This is a little strange, Carolyn just called me a little while ago with a date for the new class in January. You’ll be the first should you sign-up. The class fills quickly because there are only 5 students.” “Oh yes, please do sign me up. I’ll mail you a check first thing tomorrow!” I cheerfully stated.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday when I drove 60 miles to the little gallery on the Potomac River in Virginia. I spent the day learning a technique, sharing an experience with some really nice people and enjoying my newly rekindled desire to express myself. Carolyn the artist told me of her next gallery show with several other artist coming in February. One of her artist friends who will be showing his work stopped by the class and he and I had a chance to talk. Turns out we went to the same school and knew some of the same people.

Carolyn sent me the links to the gallery show in February. Loving my compass, I can’t wait…

My work, Beeswax Painting  "Blue Surge"

My work, Beeswax Painting “Blue Surge”


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21 responses to “Master Key – Week 16 – Loving My Compass

  1. Very inspiring, Bill! I could just hear the joy in your voice!

  2. You are on your path! Ask and the door shall be opened to you! Love your painting. Wishing you many blessings and happiness in 2014.

  3. I call it following the bread crumbs! Serendipity is the norm! Great and thanks for letting the world know they too can have their ‘DMP’ ….

  4. Thank you. The sequence of events left me a little dumbfounded, well a little more than my usual dumbfounded state lol.

  5. I loved your experience…It is wonderful and encouraging to see how the lessons that we have learned and the effort we have made has turned out for each of us…we are so blessed…enjoy the pursuit of your darma 🙂 happy painting

  6. Bill…you have my two favorite items on your blog…books and paintings! Your compass was your guide as you followed your “true north” to rekindle your desire to express yourself. “Blue Surge” says it all! Congratulations:-)))

  7. Valeska Harraud

    Can you say “Effortless Manifestation”?
    What about “Law of Growth” demonstrated?
    How about “Blue Print Builder” in action?
    I love it!! Outstanding in every way, Bill!

  8. Wow! What a great story! Nice show of courage to post your art, too. I love the use of blue (my favorite color) and the concept of a surge. Very nice.

  9. I loved this post! The story and opportunities that are opening up for you, are fabulous! Your artwork is beautiful!

  10. Bill, thanks for this post. This is more confirmation of what we are accomplishing. Love the experience.

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